Located on the outskirts of Cannes in a remarkable natural setting, Opiom Gallery presents in an exceptional space of more than 500 sqm with a resolutely refined design, a rigorous selection of contemporary artists around two disciplines: photography and sculpture. Collector for more than twenty-five years, it is the desire to promote the artists whose work finds in it a sincere resonance which has given Michael Zingraf the desire to found his own gallery. It is by personal preference that his choice fell on these two disciplines. The programming, directed by Eve Janprasert, alternates established and emerging artists, selected for the authenticity and originality of their approach, with a supposed desire to push the conventional limits of their preferred medium. In terms of photography, the primary ambition is to offer an unexpected, diversified and qualitative panorama of contemporary creation: from Korea to the United States, from nude photography to conceptual photography and digital art.In parallel to temporary exhibitions, the gallery presents a long period of one year devoted to a selection of emblematic works of work in each of its artists. Regularly renewed, they benefit from a more global vision of their corpus and their diversity.

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Born in Toronto in 1970, David Drebin lives and works in New York. After graduating from the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1996, David Drebin rapidly made a name for himself as an internationally renowned photographer by creating portraits of celebrities. His first solo show in Berlin in 2005, soon followed by the publication of his book "Love and Other Stories" in 2007 confirmed his status as a fine-art photographer. Staging dramatic icons within opulent cityscapes from New-York to Hong-Kong, Drebin's pictures tell us a story. Real stills excerpted from a movie, they depict its climax, that very moment when everything is about to change. Indeed, the profound cinematographic nature of Drebin's work is to be linked to his inclination for topics such as melancholy, humor and sex. Both voyeuristic and psychological, his creations have the ability to resurface deeply buried emotions within each and every one of us. Regularly published by TeNeues, his books are often paired with exhibitions in the most prestigious international galleries and art fairs from Miami to Istanbul, alongside with legendary artists like Helmut Newton, Chuck Close or Andy Warhol. Collected worldwide, some of his photographs have reached record prices _ such as "Central Park" _ which was sold for $78,000 dollars, at Art Miami in 2010.


Born in Florence in 1966, Guido Argentini has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1990. After three years of medical school, his passion for photography and his love of women take over. He has since published no less than five books, each highlighting a new facet of femininity. In Private Rooms, he explores the sensuality of women in the intimacy of historic villa rooms, modern apartments or hotels, from the luxurious to the sordid. These spaces then become the scene of voyeuristic fantasies of the photographer. Beyond the flesh, Reflections is an incursion into feminine psychology and introspection, while Argentum as his most recent publication pursues a theme initiated in his first book Silvereye. Combining models with athletic forms of silver paint, these series highlight the intrinsic beauty of these bodies both powerful and graceful. The photographer allows their curves to evolve within geometric decorations, thus triggering a balance of power from which a true theogony is born. « I have given women back the deities they have unfortunately been deprived of by men since ancient times », says Argentini. Guido Argentini's photographs have been published in the most prestigious fashion magazines such as Marie-Claire or Playboy and exhibited internationally from Tokyo to Los Angeles or Russia amongst other countries.