Objectif MC brings together several independent photographers who live and work in the Principality of Monaco. For its first edition, PhotoMonaco shows each of this three representatives revealing their artistic vision of the Rock through various original prints and unpublished points of view.


  • Objectif MC (Monaco)


Benjamin Vergély founded Instantané Monaco in 2013. A journalist specializing in cinema and the visual arts, he was critic for six years at « The Progress » in Lyon. Then he became editor at Epi Communication in Monaco (2006-2008). After spending four years in Brazil, he returned to the South of France in 2012 to create Instantané Monaco. Passionate about images, Benjamin Vergély is now developing his activity through various photographic projects in Monaco or elsewhere.


Claudia Albuquerque has collected the faces of the Principality, from the Princely Family to the many personalities who live or visit the Rock. She currently occupies a workshop formerly occupied by Folon and provided by the Prince's Government where she refines her clichés.


Guillaume Barclay works mainly in the studio, using fiber optics as a light source to give any direction to the light. Thanks to these leds, he "sculpts" photography showing only what he seeks playing with shadows and shapes.


Fabien Dal Vecchio: landscape artist attracted by the vast natural environment of high latitudes, this photographer feels from childhood the thrill of crossing the passes and peaks of the Mercantour National Park, in search of adventures in the wild. Originally from Barcelonnette, a village located in the valley of Ubaye, Fabien Dal Vecchio reveals some clichés obtained by scrutinizing his lights and compositions that he particularly likes.