In The Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the center of Copenhagen, dedicated to the presentation of emerging and established artists working mainly with works of art based on photography. While our main focus is photography, In The Gallery sometimes broadens its curatorial scope to include exhibitions of artists working in other media, particularly if the works establish an aesthetic or conceptual link with photography. While the gallery space at Dronningens Tværgade serves as a head office and showroom, In The Gallery is also very involved in the international art scene through its annual participation in several major international art fairs. The program of the exhibition is created by internal or invited curators. In addition to presenting innovative works of art, In The Gallery also host artist conferences and other artist-audience interactions.

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Whether turning his eye to iconic structures and landscape sceneries or to the female body, Jacob Gils creates fragmented, draped and deconstructed visual puzzles, with a strong attention to both aesthetic expression and technical detail.The project Movement gives visible shape to the relationship between the concrete physical movement, taking place in the production phase and the established environment chosen as content. Through the use of multiple exposures Gils generates engaging interpretations of iconic structures and landscape sceneries. At first glance these multi-point images appear out of focus or shaken, but in fact they consist of many different very sharp photographs of the same motifs, which are carefully combined to offer an illusion of being on the go – in movement. The technique invites the onlooker to come closer and discover the details, which do not fully reveal themselves from a distance. The hazy, translucent shapes created by the technique make for a photographic style that resembles impressionistic painting while still retaining all the detail of modern photography. In the series Limit To Your Love, Gils presents images that offer a subtle contrasting vision of the depiction of the iconic and timeless subject matter of the beautiful female. The distinct visual quality and aesthetics of the images result from a unique artistic technique, which involves the transfer of multiple Polaroid images onto watercolor paper. The paper’s textured surface makes it difficult to completely control the process thus adding an element of chance to the final image. The random distortions seen as white areas on the surfaces ensure that the field of one image is never identical to that of its neighbor. The tactile, disrupted surface of the works creates a distance to the motif, shifting focus from the specific woman depicted to the woman as multifaceted idea, making these works come across as emotive statements with natural imperfections.

Jacob Gils lives and works in Denmark. Graduated from the Copenhagen School of Photography in 1990, the artists has gained recognition in the form of prizes at the « Prix de la photographie Paris » (PX3) in 2012 and 2015. He has exhibited in solo and group shows across the globe and his works are represented in the Danish Royal Collection, Nanjing Art Museum, China and at Maersk in Denmark, as well as in private collections all over Europe, in Northern America: the USA and  Canada, but also Asia, in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and further to this Australia.