Founded in 2017 by the duo of photographers/ collectors Olivia and Vincent Goutal, Galerie Goutal is dedicated exclusively to contemporary photography. In this space of more than 100m2, works of great technical and visual quality are exhibited. The selection is oriented more specifically towards a reflection around the relationship of man with reality. Created by real photography specialists, the Galerie Goutal is notable for its commitment not only to defending photography with those who practice it, but also to support emerging or confirmed artists throughout their journey. In this unique place, one discovers works selected with the greatest care, for their originality and their complete mastery of the photographic medium. Located in the heart of the Mazarin district, a stone’s throw away from the Caumont and Gallifet Art Centres, it is an ideal venue for contemporary art in Aix-en-Provence.

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For the first time in France, the work of this great Norwegian photographer is exposed. His photographs are tinged with the unsettling and dreamlike beauty of Norwegian landscapes. A cinema lover from childhood, the author first studied film in England. In all his images we find the influence of a certain aesthetic characteristic of the years 50-60. Stylized characters, pastel colors, taste for black humor. We think in particular of Alfred Hitchcock while contemplating the series Icy Blondes or to My Uncle of Jacques Tati in front of the photo The future is coming issue of the series Future blue is coming soon. A nostalgia arises from his images where the superheroes find themselves alone, in desert landscapes, where the iconic blondes contemplate in the winter the leaves falling from the trees. Solitary, Ole Marius Joergensen, works alone. He imagines a story, then draws his project. It is by its authors who create a staging, complex. The creative process takes time: locating the place, finding the costumes, the sets. And then there is this light. Unreal, tasty, blue, pink, ethereal. Outside, Ole Marius tracks the moment T where it will be able to perfectly agree with his intimate universe. To create a narrative power, he also uses artificial lighting, cinematography bringing to his scenes a dramatic tension.
Surrealist or instropective, Ole Marius Joergensen’s photographs are often tinged with humor. They awaken in us memories associated with cinema but they also reflect the distance that separates us from a time when we still knew how to marvel.