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Fusion artist, Orsa is painter, sculptor, photographer, musician. Not always at once, but never separately. It is his language to express things in their entirety. Those of the world and of life, in forms, in images, in sounds, in colors. Without half measures! A non-conformist artist, he first refused the road marked by a career in show business. Orsa has always preferred cross-roads, testifying to the richness and imaginative power of the countries that constitute his true identity. Among others inspired by lyrical abstraction and tribal art, he is undoubtedly the one who lived the longest in Africa, that of the North first, in Algeria where he was born... And then, in that of the West with the Ivory Coast that he loved body and soul. Orsa the Oriental, Orsa the African, Orsa the Corsican!

At the source where beings and traditions are born, the man likes to mix the personal history and the collective imagination, from Africanist canvases to the massa warriors while passing by the monks of Tibhirine, where the wild features of a painting ultra-colored join those of a spiritual photograph all draped in black and white. Humanist artist and gifted for unexpected connections, Orsa mixes art and folklore, dreams and life, from which arise both the sensitive, the concrete and the playful. Although reserved, not to say withdrawn from the world, a modesty would impose at home by a spirit of independence, he nonetheless affirms the exuberant contrasts between the sacred and the profane, stripping the forms of their intuitive connotations to achieve a more dreamlike language. Thus we must find the magical dimension of a born creator whose freedom would be the only condition of existence.