Founded in 2014 by artist photographer Dominique Jaussein and his wife Véronique, Darkroom Galerie is dedicated to contemporary art photography in the diversity of its expressions. Located for three years in the Carré d’Or in Nice in a space designed by the artist with lighting sought after through an atypical course — « conducive to the emotion of the image reader who becomes an actor » —, this one It is today in a place accessible by appointment, more intimate, initiating meetings between artists, art lovers and collectors. Darkroom Galerie wishes to promote and defend as much as possible the work of emerging e/or confirmed artists, as the diversity of photographic writing by offering a selection of photographs in limited editions. At PhotoMonaco 2018, Darkroom Galerie will present two Dominique Jaussein series: « Signature Gestuelle », a special approach to choreographic art with George Oliveira, soloist of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo. And secondly, « Meet the Maikos »: his most recent work on these great artists with delicate and mysterious beauty serving timeless Japan both modern and faithful to its centuries-old traditions.



Artist photographer, Dominique Jaussein was born in Nice in 1954. Engineer trained, he is not man insensitive to beauty, but especially to this inner beauty, this music of the soul that is authenticity. His encounter with the Omo tribes in Ethiopia, his landscapes of the Antarctic continent and his animals from South Africa are an elegy to an endangered world. In black-and-white, his series « From Ebony and Abyss » on Resilience was exhibited in New York in 2013, then at the Darkroom Galerie in 2014 and at Mark Hachem Gallery in Beirut in 2015. It is without no doubt a highlight of his work. His approach and capture of light, which he studied at Harcourt Studio in Paris, shows his signature. Dominique Jaussein likes to say that the only real journey is that which one makes in oneself. Being the official photographer of the Nice Opera allows him to continue this inner journey. In 2014, he founded in Nice with his wife Darkroom Galerie dedicated to art photography. In constant search for creativeness, Darkroom Galerie offers through its temporary exhibitions a selection of photographs in limited editions. At PhotoMonaco, Dominique Jaussein offers his two most recent series: « Signature Gestuelle », a different look on dance which is his passion too, a work on the body signature of the dancer essential to the choreographic art. But also his latest research on the « Maikos », great artists with delicate and mysterious beauty in the service of timeless Japan as well as modern and faithful to its secular traditions.