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Her new work underlines her artistic trajectory with a special meaning. It marks the beginning of a new era in which Arlinda reinvents herself as an artist and as a woman. Following a self-analysis in a constant search for new ways of expression, she decided to allow some novelty in her photographic art with the help of digital and technical illustrations approaching consciously painting. She conceives every work as the elaboration of her her inner world’s revelation; the way she feels she is living now, insisting on the sensuality and dramaturgy of the human being. She started a no-go, in the almost mystical search for essentials and purity. She must exclude all artifices in her new work, in order to remain in her true intimate world and succeed, experience and transmit all these feelings and sensations without ever affecting its rigor and professionalism. Arlinda reveals herself more intimate, subjective and profound in this passionate stage of her life and art, touched by the magic and intensity of a new expression.

Raquel Medina de Vargas (PhD in Art History, critical member of AICA and curator).