Monaco: its name alone brings to life the images we associate with the French Riviera and the art of living in the Principality. Far from the clichés of the popular press, Monaco has always been a dream landscape before being a postcard photo. Photogenic by birth, the Rock is thus taken from every angle by millions of tourists from around the world who immortalize each visit as the undisputed symbol of luxury and beauty. Iconic by vocation, it is also true that its bathed in natural light is wonderfully suitable for laying under the Mediterranean sun. So what more ideal setting would be there to celebrate the photographic art, not to say its indefectible seduction on the collective imagination?

As a new meeting place for collectors, professionals and art lovers, PhotoMonaco puts the spotlight on the diversity and quality of the photographers represented while offering a cultural program of the highest level. Open to the experience of the photographic moment, its exhibition platform welcomes this year 15 confirmed exhibitors in the photo art and collection. It is a representative ensemble of the creation in the fields of old, modern and contemporary photography, to which are added three thematic exhibitions in three high places of the Rock which are the Grand Apartments of the Prince’s Palace, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the Collection of Cars of HSH the Prince of Monaco.

Mainly made up of black and white pictures, the photo market appeared in the 1970s. Since 2010, its expansion has broadened considerably to different practices, both technically and prospectively. While contemporary art is often prohibitive, art photography is still accessible to as many people as possible. At auction, the price of a photographic print has at least tripled in ten years. As proof, the worldwide product of the photographic auction went from 50 M€ in 2002 to 150 M€ in 2015 or 4% of the global product of the art market. In value, the price index of the medium has increased by +48% since the year 2000, while that of the Fine Art market recorded a growth of +36% over the same period.

Also the gradual scarcity of historical works stimulated by the valorization of the medium through major events such as the Mois de la Photo in Paris and the Rencontres d’Arles has clearly consolidated this trend. In full expansion, the inauguration of Maisons de la Photo, as well as the in-depth work of the galleries attest to this throughout the world. As a result, the photo market has recently focused on emerging countries, with collections of interest from Asia, the Arab world and the South American continent regularly being shown at major exhibitions. And several new specialized fairs have also emerged in the four corners of the globe: in Paris in 2011, in Amsterdam in 2012, in Vienna in 2013, in Los Angeles in 2014, in Shanghai the same year, in London in 2015, in Dubai in 2016, in Rotterdam in 2017… Today, PhotoMonaco is full on with that immense pleasure of inaugurating its first edition in the Principality of Monaco!

By PhotoMonaco