Société Générale’s commitment to cultural patronage dates back several decades. In 1995, when the bank moved to its new headquarters in La Défense, Sociéte Générale created the Contemporary Art Collection. Responding to the ambition to resonate the art world and that of the company, the Collection was deployed in all areas of the site, giving a soul to the new headquarters from the outset. Thanks to a policy of constant acquisition and the ever-renewed support of the Group’s General Management, the Collection has become over the years one of the most important contemporary art collections brought together by a bank in France. The development of the Collection went hand in hand with its growing openness to the general public. In 2014, Sociéte Générale received the Oscar Jacques Rigaud for Cultural Sponsorship awarded by Admical association. This Oscar distinguishes a patron who supports culture in all its forms and rewards a policy of exemplary patronage by its innovative, sustainable and ethical aspects. Today, thanks to its support for PhotoMonaco and its artistic course in the Principality during the months of April to October, Société Générale Group is still strengthening its cultural patronage.