RUS MAGAZINE publish 5 of the most popular magazines and websites in luxury lifestyle for 5+ million trendsetting, wealthy and cosmopolitan Russian-speaking residents and visitors of Europe. 

RUS Media Group presents the Côte d’Azur edition of RUS Magazine, Russian Luxury Lifestyle that is intended for affluent Russian-speaking society of Côte d’Azur (Monaco, France, Italy) and visitors. Building upon the 15 successful years, we are proud to continue our journey throughout Russian-speaking Europe. 

Since the 1st issue of RUS Magazine we have developed our own unique style and independent vision. We never believed in the power of « mass scale », but we always trusted the power of « differenciation ». We acquainted our readers with luxurious lifestyles and showed them the sumptuous sides of life. Our readers chose us among many competitors for our uniqueness, sincerity and creative approach.