If his job as a TV host allows him to immortalize the celebrities he welcomes in his shows, it is also the instinct that he dedicates his photographic art to life and time passing. «Man of images» as they say «man of letters», Nikos Aliagas has the photo pegged to the body. The human, all his faces have fascinated him since childhood. With «The Work of Time», he captures in black and white their anatomy, looks and more over their spirit. «The souls that I photograph», he explains, «do not fear the vanities and fears of modern man, the souls that I meet in my setting are free and ignore the ravaging weather, they prefer to follow their « kairos » and keep only the essential, like a diurnal dream where black and white stand at a distance from the colorful and deceptive mermaid procession».

Photo Exhibition  “The Work of Time ” Gallery Quai Antoine 1er,  april 5-8 2018