The magazine «  de l’air » gives to see photographs, which tell today’s worlds. Founded by Stéphane Brasca, journalist, in association with photographers Grégoire Korganow and Julien Chatelin, journalists Daniel Roux, Christophe Dinocheau and graphic designer Gilles Poplin. Without any support of a press group or a financial structure, published three to four times a year, this independent magazine claims a total eclecticism in the treatment and the choice of its subjects. Reports, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, fashion… de l’air reflects all the photographic writings without favoring any chapel. It brings together well-known authors and very unknown, pundits and sharp, photo-reporters and visual artists, « fashionable » and humanists, writers who are all at the same time… de l’air is not a museum that would be content to publish iconic images but a real place of creation, a laboratory that takes pleasure in revealing talents, out of clichés, venturing away from the highways of unique information. aide l’air dares, succeeds, fails, rejoices, displeases, disappoints, intoxicates, reveals, unearths opens roads. Since its creation, the magazine is a witness, a modest player in the evolution of photography. It accompanies the jolts of this medium that fills the salons, flirts with the markets and deserts the columns of most newspapers.