Patrick Chelli: This definitive dreamer

Every year, PhotoMonaco wants to give carte blanche to its official photographer. In 2018, Patrick Chelli takes advantage of the inaugural exhibition exhibition at Castelroc being our partner gallery for this occasion during the high season.

André Breton wrote in 1924 in his « Manifesto of Surrealism » that the work of art must refer to « a purely internal model ». With Patrick Chelli, this idea of ​​a photography serving the uncontrolled imagination, exploring dream fields, not to hide secrets of gardens, has already made its work in the years 2000s. Today, the artist continues his research by the lucid writing of a singular universe, with his photo-montages, imprinted with a complex and nostalgic fantasy, all embellished with superimposed images and in a rather curious way, so that we find in he has the power to recreate « without imitation ». But his picture boards would be essentially decorative, if our photographer was not handed over to the power of his imagination, if not his explicit revelation. From a nature where men, and especially women, are mixed with flowers, foliage, all forests, Patrick Chelli did not stand to be the illustrator of a vision only dreamlike. The iconographic world conveys the praise of an invading nature, where giant flowers blossom on a land of origin like something inhabited by scented creatures and apparitions. And the wandering spirit finds in the same period a resonance in these conjugated motifs, which is at once their visual poetry. In the end, the artist, reduced to contemplation, joins the vegetable empire that inspires him, inaccessible in his analogies as well as his infinite possibilities.


Renaud Siegmann
General director


FLOREANA: April 5 – September 5, 2018
Opening: Saturday, April 7th at 8:30 pm

Castelroc Restaurant – Gallery: 1, Place du Palais 98000 Monaco. Open daily from noon to 10 pm / Weekly closing on Mondays – T. +377 93 30 36 68. Information: