Symbol of the Industrial Revolution and Modern Progress, the car has sometimes left its function as a mere vehicle to invite itself into the world of art. Because of its status as a material good and success, cars have often been a source of inspiration for artists, who have seen in it a fascinating e/o critical material of the consumer society. From Caesar to Bertrand Lavier, from Ichwan Noor to Gabriel Orozco, they car has been diverted many times, from being a mechanical object to a work of art. In the Cars Collection of HSH Prince of Monaco, « On the Hats of Wheels » wants to prolong an aesthetic dialogue between a historical set and the mechanical art of photography. In order to promote the heritage in a comparative way, « On the Hats of Wheels » offers to animate its car park through different environments made in relief from the museum photo archives. On the narrative level, « On the Hats of Wheels » wishes to open a space of decorative expression through the historical models of the museum and the said visual atmospheres. On the scenographic level, the exhibition will show a universe of lines and shapes in the light of an imaginative study adapted to the spirit of the place. Through its prestigious decor, the Cars Collection of HSH Prince Monaco will act as the prism of spectacular installations and especially revealing the creative genius between Art and Industry, Design and Technology…