ArtFacts.Net was founded by Marek Claaßen, an awarded internet entrepreneur in 2001. Its database currently lists approximately 800,000 exhibitions, 40,000 galleries and institutions, and more than half-a-million artists from 192 countries. ArtFacts.Net monitors artists by providing each with an algorithmically calculated rank derived from quantified criteria such as gallery representation, collecting institutions, institution type and international reach. The ArtFacts.Net Ranking makes it possible to compare artists where minimal or no sales data is available. Based in Berlin with a global network of editors, the ArtFacts.Net team represents a unique body of commitment and expertise in the artmarket.

Our Database

The ArtFacts database is the largest of its kind. Our data is comprised of information on:

• 795 223 Exhibitions Worldwide

• 20 343 Private Galleries

• 6 712 Public Museums

• 381 Biennials

• 2 383 Art Fairs

• 601 464 Artists

• 2 142 Catalogues

• 32 313 Works of Art

• 192 Countries

Artist Ranking

The trajectory of an artist’s career depends exactly upon the success of their exhibition career.

Exhibitions listed on ArtFacts rate the different artists with a points system, which indicate the amount of attention each particular artist has received from art institutions. These points help to determine the artist’s future auction and gallery sales.

The ranking method is a valuable tool that enables users of ArtFacts to track upcoming trends in the market.

Gallery Rating

ArtFacts provides you with key facts on the art world and special tools for analysis of activities, which together enable you to gain insight into the dynamics of the art market.